Handy Jason’s attention to each customer’s specific needs helps meet expectations and needs on an individual basis. Our attention to detail is shown in even small things like returning phone calls and showing up on time for appointments. Our goal is to continue providing excellent customer service while continuing to build comfortable spaces.

July 24, 2017

Custom Carpentry

July 24, 2017

Bathroom Remodels

July 24, 2017

Kitchen Remodels

July 24, 2017

Complete Remodels

““Well we had decided to remodel our bathroom and were recommended to Jason by a personal friend and are so pleased with the job. Everything turned out fantastic from start to finish and now we have a bathroom that is the favorite room in my entire house. Jason took the time to be very expedient but also to really work with us as a customer and give recommendations that really alleviated probably some errors that we would have made from a design standpoint. And I don’t think you have that with your average contractor; that kind of personal relationship. Everything went smoothly and timely which is difficult to find today and work was impeccable and on top of that we were able to work with him in a design fashion that we have the same footprint and size of the bathroom but completely different us of space that is much more functional for our lifestyle. So between function and the design and the beauty, I got the bathroom of my dreams.”

Caren StraubHome Owner

“Hi. Just letting you know that Jason is extremely dependable. When he tells you he is going to be there, he is going to be there. His work is always the best you can get, and he always double checks to make sure everything is just he way you want it when it's finished. He has done my kitchen for me; as you can see, it's gorgeous. My mother used to complain she can see her face in everything now! My bathroom? I love taking showers; it is so roomy, so nice, and so easy to care for. Not only has he done my house, but Jason also takes care of my rental property. Whenever needed, I call him and he runs over there and checks it for me. I have no worries with my rental, and she trusts him as much as I do. I cannot say enough about Jason and his work.”

Lori Albritton

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