The Handy Jason Difference

It begins with the details….

With years of construction experience across a variety of different construction trades, Handy Jason was launched to service Cumming Georgia and surrounding areas primarily as a Handyman service in late 2012. Our initial focus was repairs and home-improvement projects. This quickly lead to small custom remodeling projects. As we’ve grown our focus has shifted to more remodel and build- out projects while continuing to meet each customer’s unique needs and design goals.


We had some concerns because I’m sure many people have had this experience where you hire contractors but they’re not as really reliable about showing up in a timely fashion or work being done in the scope in which it was originally planned. That was never a problem with Jason, which we were so thrilled with. Always on time. Work was done in the scope agreed to. And there was never any disappointment or waiting around for a contractor that never showed up. What a relief!

Caren Straub